Oho it’s been few months I haven’t made any critically paintings. I want to, but I think I’m gonna do my painting again next year, not this rest of yeahhr. No particular reasoning, but on the late months I made many paintings continuously(okaahhyy not that ‘many’ but “many” what I really mean bahaha) and it really waste my creativity for now. You see, my creativity is periodic, so if I made some paintings on this month, I might not make anything on the next month. But, I don’t want to be 100% unproductive in making something, so I decided to learn more about photography. Haha seems so trendy doesn’t it? But heck no, I’m not following that latest ‘photographer-wannabe’ trend but I’m really interested in that thing. Actually before it became like ‘everyone is photographer’, I’ve been interested in photography, when I was in junior as I remember, but yeah as a silly teenager at that time I didn’t take any of my interests seriously. So when I already understood about ‘how important to give your interest a special attention’, and I wanted to capture things beautifully with my camera, It suddenly became like a blast, like a hype trend and everyone became a photographer. I didn’t want people thought that I’m ‘fotografer ecek-ecek’ and just a follower, so I didn’t do that but still I love to see good pictures. But now, my eyes are clearly opened, if it’s really my passion, there should be nothing can push me not to do that. So I start from the scratch now, I know I’m not a super one, there are many better photographers than me but I’m sure everyone is special on their own. And so I am :)

smoke and cigarette


NB : I really love this T because the tag on the shirt : the creation of beauty is art. whoaaa cool.



2 heart, king clover

johny depp in rolling stone magazine, january 2008 :)


fckn bored

nothing. i just want to do something. test has been passed, i'm not called for the job, and my fuckin mood is totally ruined. jaaaah. a lil bit luck i called one of my lady, haaaaaaaaaaaa how i really miss my ladies. and my angelrebel. but yeah no time to spoil, i'm sure i'm gonna meet them soon. yea.

daily life

okay. it's been a while since the last time i wrote something. i now don't have any clue why i made a blog, since i've been thinkin' that i don't have anything to be written here. oh no, i really have many things to write, but i'm too lazy to type. haaarrrh. it's always being my habit. yeeaaah but since i have some moods to write now, let's talk about the other thing.

anyways i change my layout, finally, i'm getting crazy to find any good templates, yeah okay actually there are SOOOOOO MANY cool templates but i don't even know how to put here. how ashamed. but heyy people you can't say anything anymore, i've changed it! HAHA. honestly i don't really like this template *geez* but i don't have any choice because i was really bored with the basic templates. ummm maybe when i have some other times i'll change it again.

oh, now is 4.00 pm, i'm already at my campus, and i'm gonna have mid-test. today's subject is english, haha i'm not gonna have a big problem with that thing. there are exactly 2 subjects today, but the other is agama islam, sooo i just have to pass one since i'm not a moeslem. hmm.
ooooh and i'm gonna have some interviews, for a job at pizza hut. i hope i get it, because i want to have my own money. Good luck -me :)


change and move on

time for a change, time to move on.
the title of pure saturday's album. i'm not going to give any reviews about the album here, all i can say is i love pure saturday and for me, whatever they make are kinda treasure for me. haha clueless. but the topic is now, i think i reaahhlly need to bear those words in my mind.
why? because i consider that i badly need to change and move on. there are many sides of me which need to be changed, or yeaah remain better. like, i sometimes turn to be a big-mouthed person. and i'm kinda liar and so on, the list are long here and i can't write they all down now geez. and why do i need to move on? becaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause and because. i have to move on, from everything i am trapped. in fact, now i can't free my self from yeah kinda puppy love i guess . . . err i kno' this is a cliche thing but heeeey everyone is cliche. okay i really gotta move on!

change and move on! yiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiy!


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